Class Description

This 3-class series will give current and future command level officers guidance when dealing with some of the legal issues that may arise in the course of their responsibilities. Students will receive a Butler County certificate.

  1. Legal Aspects of Fire Command

    This 8-hour class will discuss the impact current laws, NFPA and OSHA standards, Mutual Aid agreements, SOG’s, SOO’s, SOG’s, SRG’s and other real issues have on Fire Command Officer’s management/control of fires and other emergency incidents. It will also provide a structure to perform an analysis of risk exposures (i.e. legal, financial and practical) as well as identifying critical legal and command control problems facing Chief Officers in Pennsylvania.

  2. Writing Fire Department SOO’s/SOG’s/SOP’s/SRG’s/DRG’s

    Four hours long, this will provide a course of study and knowledge development for Fire Officers and those who intend on being Tactical or Command Officers, to develop a professional knowledge of the current methods of policy and procedure development.

  3. Professional Challenges: Off-Duty Conduct and Electronic Media

    Also at 4 hours, this will provide a course of study and knowledge development for Command Officers and those who intend on being Command Officers, to understand the sophisticated legal issues and risk management problems relating to off-duty conduct and the use of electronic media devices and social media communications as a result of fire service operations and functions.

Student Needs: Note-taking materials, copy of their departments SOG’s, SOP’s, etc.

Prerequisite: Student should be a senior firefighter or line officer.

Class Limit: 30 Students

Class Location

Cambridge Springs High School
641 Venango Ave
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403

Class Details

Dates: Sept 9-10, 2017

Times: 8:00 – 17:00 Sa, Su

Hours: 16 hrs


Kim Houser
Current Deputy Fire Chief, Greensburg Fire Department; Lawyer representing firefighters in Western PA 20+ years